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barriers to healthcare - key findings

access to mainstream healthcare

Section F then explored access to healthcare. The first question centred around whether anyone, as an LGBT person, had experienced any difficulties in accessing mainstream health care. 15% (132 respondents) had. The two main issues to emerge were inappropriate advice/treatment or lack of understanding/knowledge (25%, 31 respondents) and homophobic GP/practice staff (24%, 30 respondents).

Table 47: Difficulties in accessing healthcare (pdf 14 kb)

Positive experiences when accessing mainstream health care were also sought. 38% of respondents (324 respondents) commented that they had received positive experiences. The most common service provider to be cited here was the GP and other health centre staff (nurses and receptionists) with 46% (201 respondents). However, 88 respondents stated that they had had no positive experiences and 53% (488 respondents) did not respond to this question, which could be taken as a response of no positive experiences.

Table 48: Positive experiences in healthcare (pdf 14 kb)

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Conclusions and Recommendations

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