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information - key findings

Section C then explored information with respondents. Between 22% and 28% of respondents who answered this question had experienced a problem accessing information on health, community information, human rights or youth. Female respondents and transgender respondents were more likely to have experienced problems in accessing health information than males and this was the case for other factors too (except youth information for female respondents). Those in rural areas were also more likely to cite problems accessing information on community and youth issues than those living in urban areas. Fewer respondents felt human rights and youth issues were applicable to them than health and community information.

Table 27: Problems Accessing Information (pdf 14 kb)

Comments: Accessing Information (pdf 42 kb)

Beyond Barriers (UK) is planning a website and sought feedback on the types of information people would like to see provided there. The top six issues were partnership rights, health, LGBT groups, equal opportunities issues, human rights and pubs/clubs. The full list is as follows:

Table 28: Useful Information (pdf 15 kb)

The majority of respondents (89%, 810 respondents) had access to the Internet.

Four out of five respondents stated that they would find a directory of LGBT groups and services to be useful (82%, 740 respondents). Only 5% did not think it would be useful and the remainder were unsure. The preferred format was web-based (80%, 581 respondents), followed by a printed directory (33%, 241 respondents).

Table 29: Directory (pdf 13 kb)

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Conclusions and Recommendations

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