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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence IS a hate crime

Domestic violence and abuse is just as common in same sex relationships as it is in mixed sex relationships.

At least 1 in 4 LGBT people have experienced domestic violence in their relationships and from members of their families.

However, there are currently no services in the Scotland specifically for LGBT people facing domestic violence and abuse.

Lesbians fleeing an abusive partner often encounter homophobia in women's refuges, whilst gay men fleeing violence do not have access to refuge accomodation anywhere in Scotland (only 18 beds are available for the whole of England with no provision elsewhere in the UK). Transgender people are left with nowhere to go within the refuge system and bisexuals are often invisible.

These are just some of the issues raised by organisations working with LGBT survivors of domestic violence.

The aims of this section is to provide some information about LGBT people's experiences of domestic violence and give details of organisations that can offer help and support.

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