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Anti Discrimination Postcards

Beyond Barriers (UK) have recently produced 4 postcards to challenge LGBT discrimination in Scotland. They have been distributed thoughout scotland in places like pubs, libraries, train stations, tourist attractions, cafe's, theatres and the like. They are entitled Homophobia is... ; Biphobia is... ; Transphobia is.... and Hetrosexism is ...

If you would like copies give the office a call on 0141 574 0242 or see

''   These postcards are being distributed thoughout scotland to many different venues. Some of these venues may never have had any information about LGBT issues. Its hoped these postcards will initiate discussion, raise visibility and provide information in an accessible way  ''
Ruth Henry, Project Manager   

“Regulation, Regulation, Regulation!” - SCVO

This briefing highlights aspects of the regulations of particular relevance to the voluntary sector.

Available online.

Click here to view this guide

“Making Diversity Happen!” - NCVO (2003)

A practical guide for voluntary and community organisations with case studies and checklists.

Available from:

PO Box 5001
M60 3SW

Published November 2003
ISBN 07199 1631 3
Price £15

“Managing Diversity in the Workplace” - NCVO (2003)

This guide aims to improve the effectiveness of organisations by ensuring that everyone who works and volunteers for them can realise their potential.

Available from:

PO Box 5001
M60 3SW

Published May 2003
ISBN 0 7199 1611 9
Price £7.50

“Introduction to Monitoring on Sexual Orientation” - Stonewall Scotland

Available from:

Stonewall Scotland
Dixon Street
G1 4AL


"A Guide to the Sex Discrimination (Gender Reassignment) Regulations 1999" - Women and Equality Unit

This guide is produced by the Women and Equality Unit and provides an overview of the legislation.

Available from:

DTI Publications Orderline


"Transsexual People in the Workplace – a code of practice" - Press for Change (1998)

This guide is produced by Press for Change and explores ways to combat discrimination against transsexual people in the workplace.

Available online.

Click here to view this guide

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