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Equality Policy Action Plan 

You have your Equality Policy, but how are you going to make equality and diversity part of your day-to-day operations? By developing a clear, realistic, deadline-based action plan you will be able to monitor the implementation of your Equality Policy and ensure that your aims and objectives are being met within agreed timescales.

Your action plan should:

  • Focus attention on the key work to be developed and the identification of any specific tasks
  • Identify the what needs to be done to meet the specific aim
  • Allocate responsibility for the work to named people or groups of workers
  • Identify any required resources
  • Set a deadline for completion and how progress will be measured and monitored

    A detailed action plan will help your organisation to build on your Equality Policy and put it into practice. An action plan gives life to the policy. By allocating responsibility for individual tasks to people within your organisation, and continually monitor its progress, you will ensure that your Equality Policy does not simply sit on a shelf gathering dust.

     pdf_icon Click here to download an Action Plan Template (56 kb)

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