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Other Ways to Get Involved 

In this section we focus on other ways to become an active citizen. Each involves different levels of commitment, skills and responsibilities.

This section includes:

  • Others ways to get involved – arts and culture
  • Others ways to get involved - health
  • Others ways to get involved - LGBT community
  • Others ways to get involved - Public Bodies and charities
  • Others ways to get involved - virtual volunteering

    Things to consider

    If you are interested in starting or increasing your involvement in any of the areas listed, you might want to consider:

  • The area of arts and culture offers a huge range of roles for LGBT people. The development of a cultural infrastructure can be central to developing an LGBT community based, for example, around a theatre, bar or arts centre. It is vital that LGBT people have influence over the bodies that control such venues, such as the planning committee or arts and culture services of the local authority.

  • Public bodies have an enormously important role to play in Scottish society and it is essential that the membership of their governing boards reflect the diversity of society. Getting involved with public bodies such as Health Boards or the Scottish Arts Council means that you will have an influential voice in the allocation of funding and the development of LGBT friendly policies and services.

  • Many LGBT people choose to give their time voluntarily to support LGBT organisations. As the majority of LGBT organisations survive on little or no funding and rely on the commitment of volunteers, this is a great way to ensure that the LGBT community is strong and sustainable.

  • If you are an openly LGBT person involved in any of these areas, you may have been elected – or may be expected – to represent the LGBT community, either nationally or in your area. It will be important to be clear when you are sharing your knowledge and experience as an individual and when you need to consult with other LGBT people in order to include the different needs and opinions of our diverse community. Also, other people might assume that you will only have interests or expertise in relation to LGBT issues, such as lesbian and bisexual women’s sexual health services or the funding of LGBT projects. They may need reminding that you can have just as much to offer on issues that are not specific to sexuality or gender identity – such as strategic planning or the development of community arts projects – as anyone else.

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