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Community Development
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Community Development 

Beyond Barriers (UK) is committed to assisting the development of a strong, sustainable LGBT community. We are working with LGBT organisations across Scotland to facilitate and develop networks, enabling the exchange of resources, expertise and information.

As part of our commitment to building a strong infrastructure of LGBT groups, organisations, networks and services, we aim to:

  • assist LGBT organisations to identify and access resources that will help them to meet the needs of their members

  • promote good practice through highlighting examples of successful working within the LGBT voluntary sector

  • identify and meet the development and training needs of LGBT organisations through e-learning modules, "How to..." guides and, where appropriate, face-to-face training

  • produce information that will help LGBT organisations to identify and access sources of support and funding available to the voluntary sector and support them through the process

  • facilitate the development and establishment of local and, if appropriate, national networks of LGBT organisations (and other organisations that represent other excluded groups

    Through working in partnership with LGBT organisations, we aim to ensure that the LGBT community in Scotland receives the support, services, resources and investment it deserves to develop and challenge the effects of discrimination, prejudice and social exclusion.

    If you want to find out how Beyond Barriers (UK) can help you or your organisation, then please get in touch.

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